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Strend analyses current trending stocks and cryptocurrencies by reading through titles, posts and comments on the Reddit platform. Displayed in an easy to read and easily actionable format, you will be making smarter investment decisions in no time. TempletonAI integration coming soon.

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Top Features


Categorical trend selection from cryptocurrencies to stocks and penny stocks. This allows you to find the trends based on your portfolio or where you want your portfolio to go.

Finance Data

Once you have found your newest investment, you can use Strend to look deeper into the stock or cryptocurrency to find historical information about the company.


Keep track of what the big players are doing by getting recommendations from experts. This will help you invest in great stocks and keep you away from ones in bad shape.

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Cryptocurrency investment is on the rise, bigger names and even bigger money is to be made. It pays to be in the know of what is trending so that you can get in when a crypto is at ten cents and cash out when it is at ten dollars. The Purple and Green subscriptions allow you to filter trends specifically by cryptocurrencies as well as list crypto trends by specific subreddits.

Companies have a habit of trending at certain times in the year, when they release a new product, their earnings or simply have a good marketing team that posts the right tweet. Strend will find these dates for you and give you recommendations (with the Purple or Green subscriptions) before the stock goes up or down.

The power of Strend shines when it comes to penny stocks. Finding trending penny stocks can be the difference between loss and major profit. The penny stock category allows you to find the next penny stock while it is under a dollar, giving you the opportunity to maximise your returns by simply riding the trend wave.

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Maximum profits.
No effort necessary.

Templeton is a powerful artificial intelligence that constantly monitors and learns about stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Gathering numerical and text based data daily, allows Templeton to stay up to date with not only how much a stock or cryptocurrency is worth, but also public and expert opinion. He does this by reading the news, comments, tweets and other articles around the internet.

After all that data is gathered, it is forecasted, analysed and then finally evaluated using the S.A.F.E framework developed by Futuristt. That is: Scrape, Analyse, Forecast and Evaluate. At the end of every day, Templeton will forecast values for tomorrow, one week, 1, 3 and 6 months from now as well as a year. He also provides general sentiment from the public and experts (whether people are positive or negative about it) and, in the evaluation stage, uses a proprietary deep learning and neural network engine to recommend the most predicted profitable action to make.

As Templeton gets more data and learns more about each stock and cryptocurrency, he will become more accurate. Templeton is currently in his alpha stage of development but will be integrated into Strend as soon as he is ready.

Get in early and lock in the discounted price by selecting the Green subscription, the discount period ends when Templeton is released.

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For trendy investors.

$ 3.99 39.99 /mo /yr
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  • AD FREE +
  • Reddit Data
  • Dark Theme
  • Dashboard
  • Stocks
  • Penny Stocks
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For maximum profits.

$ 5.99 59.99 /mo /yr
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  • PURPLE +
  • TempletonAI*
  • Price Prediction
  • Trend Prediction
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Constant Market Analysis
  • Daily Suggestions
  • Long Term Suggestions
  • Twitter Data
  • Global News Data
  • Cryptocurrency
  • All Finance History
  • All Trend History
Price shown are in USD.
*Coming soon. Get access to Templeton.AI at a discount before full integration.


Strend is available on both the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android. Depending on your phone, open the corresponding store and search for "Strend". Look for a purple logo with an 'S' like shape in the middle and click download. The app is free (with ads) and offers a one time payment in app purchase option to remove just the ads, or subscription plans that unlock the full potential of the app.

The Free version and the Ad Free version are identical, only the Ad Free version will be without ads for a one time payment of 99 cents. This will give you access to the Dashboard which will show the top ten trending up and down stocks, penny stocks and cryptocurrencies mixed. As well as the top trending stock, penny stock and cryptocurrency.

If you would like to search individual subreddits, filter by category (stock or penny stock), get recommendations and use a super slick dark theme, then we recommend the Purple plan.

If you want to maximise your profits, we recommend the Green plan, this will unlock the entire app and its potential. This plan includes everything from Purple with the added access to cryptocurrencies and TempletonAI, an artificial intelligence that predicts where a stock or cryptocurrency is going (up or down). Templeton also determines what sort of attitude people are having towards the stock or cryptocurrency (whether it is positive or negative). Templeton evaluates stocks and cryptocurrencies based on all of the data piped into a neural network to recommend you maximum profitability actions.

Once your up-front paid for month (or year) is up, the app will go back to the Free version with ads, unless you have purchased the Ad Free add on then you will get everything from the free version but without ads.

Templeton reads every news article and comment, forecasts stock and cryptocurrency value, and provides an overall evaluation for you to make an informed decision.

You very much can! Please contact us at: [email protected]. Let us know the subreddit that you would like added to the Strend Scanner and also your reasoning behind why you think it will be a good fit to determine trends for stocks (not all subreddits are built the same).


Years active development


Futuristt is founded


Titles, posts & comments scanned daily


Templeton.AI integration (coming soon)

Coming to iOS and Android

Invest responsibly. Futuristt does not accept any responsibility for any loss that may arise from reliance on any information or material published on the App. Futuristt is also not responsible for the content of external internet sites that are linked to. Links to third-party websites are provided for informational purposes only.